About Us

Buckeye Twirl is an Ohio State University organization for students who participate and perform in the sport of baton twirling.

As a competitive sports club we work to promote twirling on campus and further our name within the national baton twirling community through both Club and Competition teams.   Buckeye Twirl’s objective is to create an atmosphere at the Ohio State University where students can learn, teach and share their passion for twirling while showcasing their diverse talents both on campus and throughout the national twirling community.

Buckeye Twirl’s Club Team holds various events and performances throughout the year, including hosting showcases, marching in parades and providing twirling clinics.  We also collaborate with many other campus organizations to create an energetic atmosphere at joint events for the Ohio State community. Some of our annual performances include, Ohio State’s BuckeyeThon, Light Up The Lake, Homecoming Parade, and basketball games.  We strive to promote baton twirling across campus by providing opportunities for students to learn fundamentals and rudimentary skills as well as advanced tricks for experienced twirlers.

The Competition Team advances the Ohio State University’s name within the competitive twirling community and represents OSU at competitions across the nation.  Members perform at the collegiate level and meet several times a week to ensure that we uphold the Ohio State University’s outstanding reputation.  The Competition group works to build rapport with communities external to campus. Our goal for this year is to compete at the TU International Competition as well as AYOP Collegiate Nationals.


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